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Complete structure for events and conventions

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Organize your event in Our salons. Prime location: on the main avenue of the city, 5 km from the main airport, 200 km from the Government Palace and 1.5 km from shopping malls, parking spaces, several categories of rooms and suites, as well as differentiated services promoted by teams specialized able to make your reality in event project.

For those looking for small and medium-sized function rooms offer various assemblies formats for different capacities.

Map of halls

Hall von Drais - Click the arrow next to the pictures to see all the options: Auditorium, School, Single table, Table "U", Fishbone, round tables.

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Modular options: Click the arrow next to the pictures to see all the modular options of salons in New York, Barcelona Halls, London and Sao Paulo or Terrace Paris.

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  • terraco-paris

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